French 27 is a contemporary restaurant that strives to find the very best products on the market for cooking exceptional culinary creations.

Our greatest achievement has been inspiring the best from the people who shape French 27 as we pool their many skills to build a unique, vibrant and sophisticated idea.

At French 27, key ingredients from the 27 regions of France are present in our menu, as well as a vast array of wines with an emphasis on the French regions, all of which will pair perfectly with our menu options.

French 27 is an outstanding dining experience.

The exquisite and sexy taste of a sweet ending offers an elegant conclusion to an unforgettable evening at French 27. Taste one of our desserts and dessert wines from the menu, or even - if you like to spice things up a bit - try one of our Signature Drinks. Each one of them will blow your mind with an explosion of countless flavors that inspire passionate emotions. A genuinely gourmet delight.